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Switzerland in a nut shell

Here is your shortlist Swiss trip tips!

  1. HIKE – Get your hikes in and take your pictures. The Swiss alps are beautiful. People won’t believe you were actually there. Although there is a lot of expensive distraction in Switzerland like shopping (SWISS WATCHES! SWISS CHOCOLATE), Paragliding/skydiving, and others, there is so much budget friendly nature to take in! Don’t get distracted by the adds!
  2. Grocery Shop – No need to go to the touristy chocolate shop to get tasty chocolate. The chocolate tastes just as good from the grocery store and is about 1/10th the price. Besides chocolate, Switzerland isn’t necessarily known for their food and it is generally overpriced. Go to the grocery store and load up to fuel your hikes. You’ll save a ton and get the most bang for your buck!
  3. Francs – Switzerland is one of the few Western European countries that doesn’t use the Euro. You’ll have to budget your cash here wisely to make sure you don’t have any left over. While some places may accept Euros, they likely will not accept coins and they will give you change back in Francs (which you will not be able to use in a different country – France uses the Euro!).
  4. Bring ear plugs – you might notice a theme here with the tips. Switzerland is probably the most expensive European country I have visited, but also one of my favorite! Make sure to allow more money for Switzerland than you think you’ll need and don’t be afraid to stay in a big shared room hostel (but bring ear plugs!). We stayed at the oldest youth hostel in Interlaken, the Balmer’s Herbage and loved it. Of course the chances of a loud snorer in the room were high with 7 other people staying in the room so ear plugs came in handy.
  5. Bring a Water Bottle – this tip really applies to all travelling, but I recommend travelling with a brita filter water bottle like this! The water is Switzerland is so pure and refreshing. There are many free-flowing fountains along Swiss hikes that can be found. Just remember to let your water bottle air out at night.
That's my Brita Water Bottle in Switerland on the bottom right.

That’s my Brita Water Bottle in Switzerland on the bottom right.


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